Health and Safety Update: Earrings

afPE Health & Safety Update: Earrings - A constant Hot Topic at the Health and Safety team!

(December 2017)

afPE'S most recent Health and Safety update focusses on the subject of jewellery in PE and School Sport (PESS) and can be found in the members' resources area HERE. The current 2016 edition of afPE'S 'Safe Practice in Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity' covers this subject in Chapter 2 under the Umbrella of Teaching Safely - Principles of Organisation and Management.

It features in the chapter referenced above, specifically to remind staff teaching physical education, of the requirement for them to develop robust systems and procedures which not only need to be in place within the changing area to check that pupils fulfil this obligation to remove personal effects prior to participation. They also need to be discussed as a matter of course with students as part of teaching safety.

All schools should have at least one reference copy of this crucial document and you and find further details regarding this publication and how to purchase it HERE. It is also worth noting that your Gateshead Council have their own policy on this matter HERE that falls in line with the guidance within the afPE 'Safe Practice in Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity'.